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Updated Daily, offers up to date Corkage Fee information for restuarants across the United States. With more than 5,000 pageviews per month, reaches consumers who are seeking information on retaurants and wine events in thier local area.

About our subscribers:

  • 100% Drink Wine
  • 75% Go out to dinner at least twice per month
  • 40% are members of a wine club
  • 55% visit food and wine festivals
  • 38% have more that 12 bottles of wine at home.
* The survey, conducted online, consists of a national sample of our current registered users.

Coupon Opportunities

  • Restaurant Corkpon

    FREE! per month
    • Homepage Listing
    • Restaurant Page CTA
    • Free Today List
    • Alerts to Regional Users
    • Learn More
  • Bottle Shop Corkpon

    $10.00 per month
    • Homepage Listing
    • Deals Listing
    • Fully Customizable Ad
    • Alerts to Regional Users
    • Learn More
  • Corkpon Plus

    $10.00 per month
    • All Corkpon Options
    • Restaurant Page Customization
    • Event Posting
    • -
    • Learn More

Services & Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Event Administration

    $7.00 per month
    • Homepage Listing
    • Alerts to Regional Users
    • Social Blasts
    • EventBrite API
    • Learn More
  • Search Services

    $75.00 per month (plus AdWords Cost)
    • Google Maps, Search, Local
    • Bing Places, Search
    • Yelp & Facebook
    • Local Merchant Listings
    • Learn More
  • Social Services

    $125.00 per month
    • Tweets
    • Facebook Posts
    • Tumblr Posts
    • Email our Users
    • Learn More
  • Site Sponsorship

    $350.00 per month
    • Homepage Listing
    • Deals Listing
    • Fully Customizable Ad
    • Alerts to Regional Users
    • Learn More

Offer Descriptions

Restaurant Corkpon!

A Corkpon! is a Corkage Coupon. Restaurant owners can choose promotion dates to run the Corkpon! Offer at a cost of $5.00 per month. The Corkpon! offer is displayed at the top of the page fold in a users given geographic area.

For example, if you are a restaurant in San Francisco, only users within a 50 mile radius of your area would see the offer. A Corkpon! button is also placed on the standard listing of the restaurant. If running a "Free Corkage" Corkpon! offer the listing will appear when users search for "Free Today" in the area. A Corkpon! is redeemed when a customer brings the Corkpon! in with them either printed or on a mobile device. Also read about Corkpon! Plus below.

Corkpon Example

Bottle Shop Corkpon!

Similar to the restaurant Corkpon!, a Bottle shop can create an offer for users in their immediate vicinity. The Bottleshop Corkpon! offer is $10.00 per month. There are no restrictions on the type of deal a bottle shop is running as long as the offer can be applied to a wine purchase.

Corkpon! Plus

The Plus package allows the advertiser to also post events and custom use images of their choosing on the restaurant profile. Events are especially great for winemaker dinners and tasting events that you may be having. A restaurant can go plus for an additional $5.00 per month.

Event Administration

Our events section is top notch! We are able to share food and wine events with users in your area who love food & wine. Event access allows you to post events to with regular frequency. We offer the following rates around Event posting.

  • 1 Time Event Post - $5.00 per event.
  • Monthly Event Adminsitration - $7.00 per month.
  • Yearly Event Adminsitration - $50.00 per year.

Search Services

We will make sure your brand is set up to be found across the following channels

  • Google Maps
  • Bing Places
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Other local listing service

Social Services

Let our automated tools promote your company to the largest social channels. Our template builder allows you to randomize your messages to make it appear personable. We can blast tweets on your behalf to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, EventBrite, and Tumblr. If you would like connection to other systems, please let us know!

Site Sponsorship

A Direct buy using a 728 x 90 image that will appear on the main page of the site. This can be targeted nationally or can be done for the US or for any city, state or region within the United States. The cost on the banner is variable and depends on the geographic area(s) you wish to reach. If you wish to target the United States & Canada as a whole the cost would be $350.00 per month or $100 per week. Please contact us for pricing options if you are looking to target individual geographic areas.