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Corkage Etiquitte

  1. Do not Bring a Bottle of Crappy Wine (no 2 buck chuck)
  2. Make sure Wine is not on Wine List of customer
  3. Tip your server a couples bucks more as if you bought a bottle of restaurant wine
  4. If its special wine, give the server a taste of it

There are a few camps on on how Corkage is perceived on the consumer side.

1. To the frugal consumer - Godsend as paying corkage will save you money on your tab. They see it as a deal!

2. To the Wine Collector - Corkage is something they will have to pay to enjoy a coveted bottle of wine in a certain restaurant. They view it as a tax.

Restaurant Side

On the restaurant side the view on Corkage varies from establishment to establishment.